Who We AreSEAL-A-TRON Shrink Packaging was established in 1983 in Bellevue, Washington.

We started off rebuilding other manufactured machines and updating the electronics for manual shrink units. As faith would have it, we were in the right place at the right time.

By rebuilding a Weldotron Unit and updating the electronics for a small company out of Bellevue, Seal-A-Tron was thrust right into business. Seal-A-Tron constructed ninety-five machines in order to package a new and upcoming computer program. Little did we know that Seal-A-Tron shrink equipment would be utilized in packaging the launch of the original Microsoft Windows computer program.

In the blink of an eye we were moving into a manufacturing facility located just outside of Portland, Oregon. We still call this facility home and it is the location where we fabricate and assemble all of our Seal-A-Tron models.

Over the years, we have prided ourselves on building equipment with the latest and greatest electronic components, but always staying true to our “heavy duty, built tough” design. We also have a strong commitment to supplying back up parts or retro fit kits to our early generation units. We are happy to say that we have 20+ year old machines still running in the field today! Starting in 2001, Seal-A-Tron made its first steps into Automatic Sealers, High Speed Shrink Tunnels, and custom designed units.

Our goal is to build a machine that will exceed any customer’s expectations without depleting their budget! Seal-A-Tron has prided itself on staying focused and building dependable Shrink Wrap Equipment to meet the customer’s needs.

We are very grateful to our loyal customers and we look forward to earning and growing relationships with our new future prospects!

As Always Best Regards,
The Seal-A-Tron Group